Who am I?

Who Am I?

I am Ash. I am a Personal Carer/Traveler/ Reader/ ???-er. As of the 14/02/17 I am living in the UK as a live in Carer. If you are interested in how I got to this step, please contact me through the site where I will give you more info.

The purpose of the Blog

I was planning a trip overseas with my friend (delayed for the moment) and as I excitedly tried to plan (a year early) I found that there wasn’t really anything that I wanted to know. I wanted a comprehensive list of the things that I would have to work out. (of course, I know now that there is no list.) At the time I figured that I would tell you guys what to do as I was also figuring it out. (Smart right?) It’s still a little of that, but it’s also chronicling my adventures overseas.

I’m also a huge nerd for books. Which is where the bookshelf part comes in. I’d like to say that I host discussions about the books I’m reading. But they’re retroactive discussions that no one takes part in. Please talk to me about books.

Tuesdays: Travel

Friday: Books.

Where I’m going next

UK. I’m gonna live there!

Things you can ask me about

I’m a huge nerd for space and for a time was considering getting a physics degree just so I could do astrophysics later. (we’ll see, could still happen) so talk to me about space!

Books. Like all of them. Ask me if I’ve read something, what I think of something, the adaptations of the thing. Anything. Just don’t mention the Disney Narnia Films. (if we can call them that)

Films. I know this goes beyond travelling and books, but I also really love films and webseries, so there’s that.


Also feel free to contact me with more information about travelling and such. I’m sort of figuring it out as I go along so any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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