When: 16th-28th October 2016

Locations: Tokyo; Sendai, Japan

Budget: Cheap-as-Chips

Story Behind it:

I literally just had a thought one day at work that if I could get cheap enough flights I should go to Japan. The idea was to do it all in under around $1500 Ha. I’m staying with friends, so that helps, but yeah, that budget went out the window. It just sort of excalated until I was asking people if it was okay and booking flights. It was almost a surprise to myself.


When: February 2017

Locations: UK

Budget: Cheap.

Story behind it:

I was planning a trip with a friend. (The Original “Great Adventure”) Unfortunately things didn’t work out for that. However, I am not daunted. Instead I decided to move to the UK for 18 months or so as a live-in carer. I’ll be travelling every couple of months and I’ll get to see a lot of the country and, hopefully, a bit of Europe as well.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.