Thoughts on Travels | York 26-07-2017

It took about an hour and a half to get to York from Bradford. And then another 20 minutes or so to walk to my first stop which was The Shambles.

The old streets and overhanging buildings, the cobbled streets and swinging signs gave a certain feel to the whole area. It reminded me just how old the history of England really is. I’m sure that if I were to return of a nighttime, or a foggy time I would love it even more. I can already feel the fog twisting around my ankles.

After a good jaunt about the town, I headed off to my next stop which was the York Castle Museum. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience. Despite the multitude of kids groups in there that day. I think what made it so enjoyable was the Victorian Town in the middle. And this is Victorian era, not Victoria the Australian State (sorry guys) There were places you could go into and there were so many twists and turns it never felt like just a main street, it was also a few side streets, and shops and everything. I skyped with my parents and showed them while I was there.

For lunch I went to Wagamama, because I was craving Karaage (a Japanese deep fried chicken dish) unfortunately it was wholly disappointing and expensive. I don’t normally review restaurants, but the collection of overcooked, under-battered pieces of chicken was not very nice and it was expensive and I’m too much of a wimp to complain at the restaurant. So I shouldn’t say anything because I ate them right?

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Thoughts on Travels | Bournemouth 14-03-2017


I set off again at about 9AM. The plan was this: Pier, Oceanarium, and Russel-cotes Museum if I could fit it in. I did it all in about four hours.

First, I hit the pier while I waited for the oceanarium to open. Bournemouth pier was really close to where I was staying at The Royal Exeter Hotel. It was long, and pretty, or whatever. It was calming though, just listening to the ocean.To make up time, I read for about half an hour as the pier in the off season isn’t actually that interesting.

Then I went to the Oceanarium – where my SD card decided it was full. I saw otters, which were so cute! although, thinking of Zootopia… And penguins which were not as cute as fairy penguins. (Look them up!) But they were still pretty cute.

They had a great Barrier Reef section that I am mad about because the top looked nothing like Australia and looked like a stereotypical Copacabana or something. Palm trees and a beach chair. I am surprised I didn’t see a Koala up the tree, but I suppose they’re not as ignorant as Disney’s It’s a Small World. I could write a whole post on how I dislike Australia’s representation everywhere, but I’m not going to do it here.

Lastly, I went to the Russel-Cotes Museum. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that much art! I had seen it on TripAdvisor and didn’t look too much into it. That said, the atmosphere of the whole building was amazing. There was a pianist playing the whole time and she was very talented I lingered in the room to hear her.

I had a lunch of fish and chips on the beach and walked along in the water for so long my toes went red (although, not too hard in the cool weather) It was a nice, relaxing walk that made me really decide that I want to live by the sea one day. So it would be just brilliant if all those chips would just fall into place there.

I’ve done country living now, Suburban living, so I’d like to Urban living and Beach living. Just to see which I like best. Gotta retire somewhere right?

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Thoughts on Travels | Bournemouth 13-03-2017

This was the day I went to Corfe Castle. I left at about 9, but I didn’t get there until 11:30 because (a note for public transport users) the bus from Wareham comes but once an hour. at 4 past the hour. I missed it by 3 minutes.

It was a lovely sunny day, Hardly a cloud in sight and honestly the whole town was beautiful. Being a National Trust member meant that I didn’t have to pay to get in – to the castle that is – I think it was about £12 or something.

It’s so refreshing to be able to touch history. I stayed in the first house at Bournemouth. No Biggie. Imma just touch this castle wall that fell down before Australia was even discovered by Captain Cook. I can touch history, and that’s what I love about being here.

People live in history here. It’s not behind glass, it’s everywhere. It’s in the shops, it’s in the streets, it’s in the homes. And that’s what I love about England.

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Thoughts on Travels | Coughton Court (from Redditch) 02-03-2017

Coughton Court is only a half hour bus ride from the Southcrest Manor Hotel (the hotel I stayed at in Redditch) It was only 15 minutes by car, but since I don’t have a car, bus was the only way to go. It was a good way to see more of the villages between Redditch and Coughton Court anyway. Even if I had to check Google maps the whole way because I didn’t know when the stop was going to be.

Once I got in, I ended up signing up for the National Trust. £32.40 for a year and I get free entry into 500 different locations under the National Trust. I figured that it’d pay for itself in a few visits.

Inside it was incredibly beautiful, and preserved, and amazing to visit. I myself and a history nerd – which helps – but I’d like to think it’d be amazing anyway. I was in a building that was older than White Australia! I touched a wall that had been around for centuries! Centuries! 400 Years.

Coughton Court housed the Gunpowder Plot. They housed Arms, ammunition, and horses in preparation for the uprising that was to happen after the assassination of the protestant King James I. They have rooms devoted to the gunpowder plot. And, if I remember correctly, in one of the towers sits the room in which the plot was hatched.

My point is that travel is interesting, and Coughton Court is cool.

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Thoughts on Travels | Stratford-Upon-Avon Day 5 19-02-2017


I woke up at 0500 today, but I don’t even care. I Got to talk to mum and dad. They seem to think I’m going to come down off this travel high, but it hadn’t at that point.

I had to change trains at Birmingham Moor st and get another train to Stratford-Upon-Avon. I didn’t realise this. And they don’t announce the stops. Luckily, if memory serves, they announced that one, and I got to my second train in time.

It was a 15 minute walk to where I could put my bags. And they ended up being over cobblestones, but it was worth it as then I didn’t have to worry about them all day. It was a the Tudor world… something. very informative tour as well.

I got to go into Shakespear’s house. I got to go into a 16th century house! And I touched an 18th century door. A door that is just about as old as my country, possibly older. Than white Australia! It was so cool!

I also did some boring shopping stuff as well. I had to get a towel and stuff for training, so that’s boring.

As much as I loved it, I’m glad I didn’t spend a night there. There wasn’t really that much to do without a car. I’m glad a saw it, and I’m glad  I spent the time I did, I just don’t think I needed to allow as much time as I did.

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Thoughts on Travels | London |17-02-2017

So today I hopped on the bus again and took it to the Churchill War Rooms. They were cool, but it was just way too busy for it to be worth it. Without all the people jostling about I would have spent longer down there, but in the end I just went through really quickly because of all the people. Either way, I picked up a postcard for my collection, and a coin for dad -who is a coin collector.

By then, it was 12. I was hungry, I needed to pee and my phone needed charging. But could I find a restaurant? No. I could not. I found that it was easier to literally go back to my hotel and get some food around there than find a restaurant where I was. I guess that’s just something I’ll have to get used to with large cities.

Then, at 4pm, I left for the concert at the YouTube Space for Roomie. I got there SUPER early so I was one of the first in line, which was weird. I wasn’t planning on getting there early or anything. I met a bloke called Sean Crabtree who has a YouTube channel. And a lady named Jenny who had an interesting Goth/Scene style. They were really nice and I ended up hanging out with them all night.

I ended up meeting Roomie after the show. He seemed really nice, but then again, who’d want to come off as horrible when meeting fans? Anyway, I got a signature and a picture, because that’s what you do.

I ended up leaving soon after.

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Thoughts of Places: London 16-02-2017


I woke up at 2 today…

Today I bought a hop on hop off bus ticket. It took a bit of work because I actually walked the wrong way… oops! I ended up going back to my hotel to check the internet again. I did get there in the end. But it was later than I was wanting.

And then the bus was late and they actually apologised! But once I got on it, it was great1! I made friends with an American woman from Conneticut. But she got off at the Tower of London. I saw Big Ben. It was weird in person. I mean, it was cool, but it wasn’t like “I am seeing this for the very first time” cool. It was just impressive.


I ended up getting off at the Globe Theatre. It was only finished in 1997 which is something I didn’t know. It was still pretty cool though as they tried to use the same technique and everything.


After The Globe, I took the bus to the science museum. It wasn’t as interactive as I was expecting, but they had Tim Peakes actual command module which is pretty cool. You can’t touch it (without getting in trouble lol) but it was pretty awesome. And free so…

After that I walked back to The Mayflower and retired at 9:30 which is a far more respectable hour. IMG_9885

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