Thoughts on Travels | Manchester 29-05-2017

It was a cloudy, rainy day today in Bradford, luckily for me, Manchester was just cloudy. Typical English Weather.

I headed out for the 9:00 train to Leeds (and a 9:30 train to Manchester from there) So I actually got to Manchester around 10:30. There were far more police around as you’d expect, which was a little scary, but it also served to remind me of the events that happened last week, and the precautions I ought to make.

Unfortunately, due to my postponement of this trip and the days the attraction is open, I was unable to visit Elizabeth Gaskell’s house which was to be my first port of call. It was my sisters birthday on the 24th so I had planned to go there and buy her something as she loves North and South  but it was not to be. Instead, I walked to Manchester Museum. It was almost a 2km walk, but walking is a good way to see the city and a lot of interesting places you wouldn’t normally see from the window of a bus.

The Museum was amazing. It felt like an art exhibit and a museum all rolled in to one. They have such a large collection of Taxidermies. I watched a few videos on the Brain Scoop (Which you can too!, click here to see Emilie dissect a few animals, obvious warnings about blood and stuff). Maybe I’m weird, but I always find those videos really interesting, and so to see the finished product in a museum was really interesting for me.

It was about lunch time by the time I got out, so I had lunch and took a bus to the John Rylands Library. I also walked part of the way, but I wanted to, so that’s okay. I wish I could show you the books but I couldn’t take any pictures of them. I’ll just have to show you pictures of the beautiful building. Marley, I know you’d love this building. There are so many books, and while you can’t touch the books, it still functions as a library, there’s desks that students use and everything. It was just a religious experience.

After that I was knackered, and it was 1500. So I walked to the station, about 20 minutes and caught the train back home.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.


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