Thoughts on Travels | Harrogate 25-05-2017

Today I headed out from Bradford Interchange and due to a series of literally just missed the train circumstances, got to Ripley Castle at 11:30. Despite leaving on a 9:00 train. I was alright though. I managed. The next available tour was a bit late in the day for me, but the grounds were free, so I walked around those for a little. It was very hot and I regretted taking my jacket. Or not putting sunscreen on. Seriously folks, the sun is a deadly laser!

Once I finally got back to Harrogate, my phone decided to die. So I had to organise all of that. (This new one has so much more data, I’m getting excited) then I headed out to Knaresborough for the afternoon.

First on the list was Knaresborough castle. Which was lovely and old. It featured amazing views of the rest of Knarsborough and was free, so that’s always a good thing.

After looking at the view, I realised that I could walk down the cliff face and walk to my next destination, which was Mother Shiptons cave. So I did that. It was a bit of a walk, but it was quite a nice one, despite the heat.

I ended up meeting someone on the walk to the attraction (which costs £7 – the attractions, not meeting someone) so that was nice for my smol loner heart. First up was the petrifying well. That’s right. You heard me. Now, it’s no Deathwater, or anything, but due to large quantities of minerals in the water and the way that the water drips down the side. For centuries, people have hung things from the well and watched them be coated in stone.

Secondly was mother Shiptons cave which details the life and times of a tudor era witch. She is said to have foretold the great fire of London among other things. This bit wasn’t as interesting. The audio commentary goes on for much longer than the cave and dark statue really necessitate. There isn’t anything else to look at so it just gets boring. Don’t get me wrong, the commentary is sort of interesting, I just would have preferred it on a plaque, maybe on the walk up to lead you there?

After mother Shipton’s cave, I had afternoon tea with my new friend along the river Nidd and we walked around before she had to get back and I had to get back. but hey, I got her number!

Get Reading. Get Travelling.


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