Thoughts on Travels | Leeds 24-05-2017

So Under the circumstances I decided against Manchester today. I will be going though, don’t you worry. It’s coming. Instead I did the rest of my Leeds trip.

I made good time to Kirkstall Abbey where I went straight through to the Abbey for free! I thought I was going to have to pay, I don’t know why I didn’t yet.

The guy at the front desk gave my a fancy map that he said I could keep even though it was on fancy paper. I didn’t. I figured that they were giving out these things for free, the least I could do was let them keep the map.

The Abbey itself ranges from 12th century to 15th century. The inner parts being older are, interestingly, the most well preserved. I would have loved to have learnt more about the history of the Abbey and how it came to be a few walls and no roof, but then again, I can easily find all of this out on the internet. Isn’t it a wonderful world we live in today?

It was really beautiful and if you’re around Leeds I definitely recommend you check it out.

After that I was going to go to Temple Newsam House. and then I realised that it would be a mile walk. And I just didn’t want to do that. Oh the Perils of not having a car. I’ll probably regret it later, but I get the whole point of holidays is #noregrets am I right?

By the time I got to where I thought I needed to go, it was lunchtime, so I headed into The Secret Garden Cafe for a lovely panini.

After that, I found my way to Hope Pastures to see some Horsies. A note, if you use the apple maps app on your phone it will take you to the top end of Weetwood Lane. You want the other end. It’s about a mile walk. It’s funny how life laughs at you. Also none of the horsies wanted to talk to me. I only wanted some animal hugs. I miss my dog.

After that fun time,  I made my way back to Bradford- where I’m staying – to go to the National Science and Media Museum. It was really cool. A lot of it was interactive which I think is the best way to get people to interact with science and media, instead of just watching and looking, you get to play with sound and play vintage video games. It was really good times.

I’m so boring after that I literally just walked back to where I’m staying. Good Times.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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