Thoughts on Travels | Leeds 23-05-2017

I left the house at a quarter to eight this morning as I was catching the train at 9:02. Got to Leeds and immediately set about trying to get to Meanwood Valley Urban Farm. I tell you, the Leeds Bus interchange depot map/locations are confusing. Or is it just me? Anyway, I got there and only had to look at my phone a few dozen times. (speaking of which, don’t you think it’s silly that there isn’t any way to tell when your stop is coming up if you’re unfamiliar with the area and don’t have a phone?)

It only costs £2! It was rather awesome, I got to pat some sheep and I saw a few Donkeys and Llamas (or where they alpacas?) and then, when I went down to the small animal barn, I got to see some guinea pigs, a few Bunnies, and a whole lotta cute chicks! they were so cute I can’t wait for my mum to get some! They were all in the corner closest to the door and then one went fluttering away, and then they all followed! And then they returned! I resisted the urge to just pick one up the whole time!

After Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, I headed back into town to go to the Leeds City Museum. I have to say, it was good, but I didn’t find it as good as, say, the Birmingham Museum. Leeds sort of had this odd set up and I was never sure if I was going the right way and it wasn’t logical and I had to double back – I understand that they are also working with the building, but come on! And there just wasn’t as much. The places where there was a lot of pieces they were just overwhelming.

They had a new exhibit about the Seasons but it was really marketed exclusively to Northern Hemisphere children. I was expecting something about the history of people’s perceptions of the seasons over time. You could talk about when people first started settling down, and Persophone and Hades, and different Culture’s different Ideas. You could even talk about how when the Brits invaded Australia they were really unprepared to deal with the seasons as they hadn’t realised that they were opposite. They had nothing on the fact that in the Southern Hemisphere the Seasons are opposite. There was nothing.

After that, I found my way to Little Tokyo for lunch. I was craving Japanese food. It was very nice food, although I did find that the addition of the fork and spoon – without asking me – was a little unnecessary, I can manage fine with chopsticks. The Chicken Katsu Curry was nice, although more spicy than I’m used to.

And after that I literally walked around the shopping district. I was planning on going to Harewood House but the walk was just a little too far for my taste at the time. Instead I spent money. Which was not ideal, but now I shouldn’t have to spend money for a while. Yay!

Join me tomorrow where I head to Manchester.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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