Thoughts on Travels: Marlborough.

Let me tell you about Marlborough: There is nothing to do in Marlborough in the spring if you’re lazy. The merchants house is closed, so all you’ve got is the main street and the market. I’d shopped enough. There was nothing to do.

I stayed at this place called The Lambs Inn, which had the softest bed I’ve ever slept on. But the town was kind of meh. That is, in terms of travelling. It’s the sort of town I’d like to live in. But I wouldn’t travel there again on purpose.

There’s an old church you can’t go in, a bookstore, and a few cafes. The Green Dragon doesn’t have a single Lord of the Rings reference. WTH man!

I stayed here because I didn’t know what I was doing, and it was close, but different to where I had been. Plus trip advisor lied and anything of interest is a bit too far to walk. Anything interesting involved a car.

That said, there are no mistakes in Travel. (well they are, but they usually involve giving too much money to a taxi driver or something) It was still a good experience and it taught me to research a bit more before I blindly jump into a location. Rest days are fun, but they don’t make for good blog posts.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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