The Girl with All the Gifts | M.R. Carey


The Book

In a world where Zombies are called hungries, young child Melanie is different. Her and her classmates are kept in cells and brought out every week day where a rotation of teachers instructs them about maths, and English and such. But when a Doctor takes an interest to Melanie, she is thrust into a world where everything is new, and she is oh so very hungry. Featuring: Our zombies are different, the army.

The Plot

  • I found it a little slow moving, but gripping, like a zombie, I guess. It wasn’t about the zombies so much as the characters.
  • It was interesting and different because of this. It was less about a group of people dealing with zombies as they make their way to safe haven, but about a specific group of people dealing with the world around them and their place in it.

The Characters

  • Because it was character driven, the characters have to be well written, and in this case they definitely were.
  • M.R. Carey used a perspective shift to really give us insight into the different characters and indicate their motivation. So when they ultimately die, we actually feel something for them.

The Conflict

  • There isn’t as much straight up violence as I expected.
  • the main conflict comes through characters which is an interesting way to do a zombie novel.

Points of Dis/Interest.

  • I don’t know about you, but I was happy with the “romance” or lack thereof.

Etc. Futility.

Okay, spoilers, but in the end everyone in the world gets turned into Zombies. It was an interesting take because so often we see the opposite happening. Or something so that readers don’t feel completely let down by the novel. But with this everyone is turning into a zombie, and it’s not painted as this terrible thing. It’s just inevitable.

Just as the sun will expand and destroy the earth and any last trace of humanity on it, so too did the zombie fungus take over the world and kickstart the new species of humanity on earth. And for whatever reason, I really liked it.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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