Thoughts on Travels | Bournemouth 14-03-2017


I set off again at about 9AM. The plan was this: Pier, Oceanarium, and Russel-cotes Museum if I could fit it in. I did it all in about four hours.

First, I hit the pier while I waited for the oceanarium to open. Bournemouth pier was really close to where I was staying at The Royal Exeter Hotel. It was long, and pretty, or whatever. It was calming though, just listening to the ocean.To make up time, I read for about half an hour as the pier in the off season isn’t actually that interesting.

Then I went to the Oceanarium – where my SD card decided it was full. I saw otters, which were so cute! although, thinking of Zootopia… And penguins which were not as cute as fairy penguins. (Look them up!) But they were still pretty cute.

They had a great Barrier Reef section that I am mad about because the top looked nothing like Australia and looked like a stereotypical Copacabana or something. Palm trees and a beach chair. I am surprised I didn’t see a Koala up the tree, but I suppose they’re not as ignorant as Disney’s It’s a Small World. I could write a whole post on how I dislike Australia’s representation everywhere, but I’m not going to do it here.

Lastly, I went to the Russel-Cotes Museum. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that much art! I had seen it on TripAdvisor and didn’t look too much into it. That said, the atmosphere of the whole building was amazing. There was a pianist playing the whole time and she was very talented I lingered in the room to hear her.

I had a lunch of fish and chips on the beach and walked along in the water for so long my toes went red (although, not too hard in the cool weather) It was a nice, relaxing walk that made me really decide that I want to live by the sea one day. So it would be just brilliant if all those chips would just fall into place there.

I’ve done country living now, Suburban living, so I’d like to Urban living and Beach living. Just to see which I like best. Gotta retire somewhere right?

Get Reading. Get Travelling.




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