Zero Day | Jan Gangsei

Edit-Zero Day

The Book

Follows Addie Webster: Presidents Daughter. She was kidnapped when she was small, and now, eight years later, she has returned. Things are different, people have moved on. What else could they do? But why, after all this time has she returned? And who is she now? Featuring: First Daughter, the chatty bodyguard, terrorists, teenager has to save everyone.

The Plot

– It was a compelling mystery. Are really aren’t sure where Addie stands through most of the book. It would have been interesting to look at it from an unreliable narrator stand point, but you never really got that in there.

– It was an interesting premise. Of course, to focus on the presidents daughter is just icing on the cake, but the whole “someone-returns-after-being-kidnapped-young” thing is interesting, it is unfortunate that Jan didn’t really show how messed up she’d be. Regardless of how much she ended up liking her kidnappers (spoiler) she was freaking kidnapped!

The Characters

– Despite Addie being the protagonist, I really didn’t see her shine. There was never that moment where I thought “You know what? I like this girl” which is just unfortunate.

– That said, we did manage to get a peek at her vulnerability. She wasn’t as head strong and cock sure (or is it the other way around) as most YA protagonists are, which is refreshing.

The Conflict

– It was entertaining enough. As I mentioned earlier, the mystery was compelling, which meant that the conflict didn’t have to be huge, but it did have to live up to the hype of the mystery.

– I’m of the opinion that books should really exist alone. Sure, have a series, but the whole plot should really be resolved by the end. I dislike cliff-hangers. Sure they get you to read the next one, but unless you baddy is The Big Bad (a la Voldemort in HP) slap him in cuffs and have the superserum fall down a drain. Someone else can find it next.

Point of Dis/Interest

– Obvious Love Triangle is Obvious.

Etc. Why do YA books exclusively target Teens?

Technically speaking, you need to be an adult to be a young adult. Which means you need to be at least 18. So why are YA books targeted at teens? The protagonist is nearly always still in school and honestly, the older I get the more that annoys me. I am a young adult damnit! everyone else is a teenager!

You get some good YA books that are accessible to all ages, but they’re not so much in the YA genre. While Harry Potter might still be in school, I don’t find it an annoying extra. I don’t find Harry annoying just because he’s still in school. everyone else it’s free range though.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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