Something in the Heir | Jenny Gardiner

I call this one : I’m too lazy to go out and take a picture of this one. oops

Etc. What bad writing can teach us.

Something in the Heir is a hallmark movie in a book. It is every “Royal-falls in love with a pleb” book in one. It’s got the overbearing mother, the Savvy female pleb, the giggly best friend, and of course the dreamily single Prince. I thought about doing this proper, but then I thought that the whole thing would be a joke, so instead I thought I’d just talk about what bad writing can teach us.

  1. It can teach us how to write better ourselves. I’m not much of a writer any more. Not fiction, although I desperately wish I was. And while I think sometimes my plots are alright, my writing can be a bit iffy at times. Often we can’t read our own work objectively, but if we read other people’s bad writing we can see what’s wrong. which allows us to apply it to our own work.
  2. We notice the good writing more because they stand out like Diamonds on that black velvet stand they always show them on. So not only can we learn how to correct our own work, we can learn about those little gems of writing that would otherwise be covered by other exceptional areas that other books have.
  3. And finally, the last thing bad books can teach us is… not to read bad books.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.




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