Thoughts on Travels | Coughton Court (from Redditch) 02-03-2017

Coughton Court is only a half hour bus ride from the Southcrest Manor Hotel (the hotel I stayed at in Redditch) It was only 15 minutes by car, but since I don’t have a car, bus was the only way to go. It was a good way to see more of the villages between Redditch and Coughton Court anyway. Even if I had to check Google maps the whole way because I didn’t know when the stop was going to be.

Once I got in, I ended up signing up for the National Trust. £32.40 for a year and I get free entry into 500 different locations under the National Trust. I figured that it’d pay for itself in a few visits.

Inside it was incredibly beautiful, and preserved, and amazing to visit. I myself and a history nerd – which helps – but I’d like to think it’d be amazing anyway. I was in a building that was older than White Australia! I touched a wall that had been around for centuries! Centuries! 400 Years.

Coughton Court housed the Gunpowder Plot. They housed Arms, ammunition, and horses in preparation for the uprising that was to happen after the assassination of the protestant King James I. They have rooms devoted to the gunpowder plot. And, if I remember correctly, in one of the towers sits the room in which the plot was hatched.

My point is that travel is interesting, and Coughton Court is cool.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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