We Should Hang Out Sometime | Josh Sundquist

Edit-We should Hang Out Sometime

The Book

Chronicles Josh Sundquist’s actual fail of a dating life. And his current (at the time) thoughts on the matter. And it features his wife. (now everybody) Awwwwwwwww

Etc.: Why I don’t “review” auto/biographies

How would you like it if someone came up to you and said “Your life stinks, it should have had more explosions in it?” While I do believe that biographies have plots and characters and conflicts and everything else that makes a good novel good, I don’t believe that I should be judging it. I’m not going to say: Josh Sundquist the version of yourself in your novel is one dimensional and boring (it’s not) because no matter how you spin it, whether it’s bad writing or what I’m saying something about a real person. I betcha that if I wrote about my life half the time I would be one-dimensional and boring. But I would feel terrible about it if someone told me that.

When you review a fictional novel the characters aren’t real. The things I say don’t actually affect someone in the way that they’d affect a real person. Saying that William Darcy is written as a snob (for instance) is different from saying that Josh Sundquist is written as a snob (sorry I’m kinda picking on you here) because Josh Sundquist is a real person. Josh Sundquist wrote this book about himself. Not some fictional character. And I’m not mean, so…

I would like to put this little disclaimer here to say that I actually like Josh Sundquist. I think he’s incredibly inspirational and he tries incredibly hard to be open minded and inclusive. I don’t believe him to be a snob or one-dimensional or boring. If I met him I’d be tempted to give him a hug because he looks like a good hugger. In a non-creepy way.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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