Stardust| Neil Gaiman


The Book

Tristran Thorn is in love. He knows the girl that he’s going to marry. She’s beautiful and sweet and kind and everything he’s ever wanted in a woman. She’s every man in the villages dream. So when she offers him an ultimatum – fetch me that falling star – he takes it and crosses the wall which separates the magical from the non-magical. When he gets to where the star would have fallen however, there isn’t a soldering piece or pieces of rock. There’s just a woman. a very beautiful woman. This is the story of Tristran Thorn and Yvaine. Of Love. Of Mystery. Of Magic. Featuring: unlucky-in-love, Surprise happy ending, literal star power.

The Good Bits

  • The voice of Neil Gaiman is ever-present in this book. I think the first book of his I read was Coraline and it’s there too. But I’ve heard him speak. And he speaks just like he writes. Brilliantly.
  • Yv aine is an awesome character. She just wants to do what she wants. and she’s brilliant okay?
  • The plot is engaging. It hooks you in in a giant swirl so you don’t realise that you’re in until it’s too late.

The not-so-good Bits

  • The climax was really non-existent I might be comparing it to the movie (see below) but there was one hell of a non-ender in this one.

Thoughts from the Back Cover | Why sometimes it’s okay when movies change things.

There are three types of movies. Books that stay so true to the book they probably used it as a script, (BBC Narnia) books who missed the entire idea, (Disney Narnia) and books in the middle. When translating books to screen sometimes there are things that need to change a little in order to make things work. That’s why no one has seen BBC Narnia in 10 years. However if you literally miss the entire point of the series, sure, you might get a popular film, but you’re not going to get a film based off the book. You’re going to get a disaster like Disney Narnia. However, if you toe the line, you might get something like Stardust.

I would like to put it out there that I actually saw the film first. So there is that. But most of the big changes I can see why they did. They enhanced Captain Shakespeare to flesh out the plot. They gave the movie a climax because you can’t put millions of dollars into a movie like that and not give it a climax. That’s bad money management.

Sure, some of the changes (like Tristran to Tristan) where cosmetic changes. But let’s face it, Tristran is a little harder to say. I just think sometimes we need to look at the movie before the book in order to get an idea as to why they change things.

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