Thoughts on Travels | London |17-02-2017

So today I hopped on the bus again and took it to the Churchill War Rooms. They were cool, but it was just way too busy for it to be worth it. Without all the people jostling about I would have spent longer down there, but in the end I just went through really quickly because of all the people. Either way, I picked up a postcard for my collection, and a coin for dad -who is a coin collector.

By then, it was 12. I was hungry, I needed to pee and my phone needed charging. But could I find a restaurant? No. I could not. I found that it was easier to literally go back to my hotel and get some food around there than find a restaurant where I was. I guess that’s just something I’ll have to get used to with large cities.

Then, at 4pm, I left for the concert at the YouTube Space for Roomie. I got there SUPER early so I was one of the first in line, which was weird. I wasn’t planning on getting there early or anything. I met a bloke called Sean Crabtree who has a YouTube channel. And a lady named Jenny who had an interesting Goth/Scene style. They were really nice and I ended up hanging out with them all night.

I ended up meeting Roomie after the show. He seemed really nice, but then again, who’d want to come off as horrible when meeting fans? Anyway, I got a signature and a picture, because that’s what you do.

I ended up leaving soon after.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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