Anne of Green Gables | L.M. Montgomerry


The Book

Anne (with an “e”) has always been a daydreamer. In the orphanage, or any of the numerous foster homes she’s lived in. And now she has a chance to do better. When Matthew brings her home from the train station, his sister Marilla is definitely surprised. Particularly since he was supposed to be bringing home a boy. Going to school and coming home without getting into shenanigans is hard for Anne, after all, Day Dreamers were made for adventures.  Featuring: an “off-with-the-fairies” Protagonist, friendship, absolutely no romance, and an awesome webseries accompaniment.

The Good Bits

– covers several years, so all her adventures aren’t happening one after the other like a bad dream. We see Anne grow and learn more than serialised year per book.

– It ends in a friendship, not a romance (more on this later)

– It makes me think of Green Gables Fables. Which is an awesome webseries. I would maybe even say the last great Golden Age LIW.

The Not-So-Good Bits

– it doesn’t age so well. I definitely feel too old to read this book. There are some books, like Harry Potter, for instance that you can read regardless of age. Anne is not one of them.

– I felt it was too episodic. It would work for a magazine serial, it works less well in a book

Thoughts from the Back Cover | Difference Sex friendships in fiction.

One thing Montgomerry does do is tell their readers that  “hey, you can be friends with that boy down the road”you don’t have to be confined to your gender for friendships. The whole “can men and women just be friends” thing has ruined the idea that they can. It tells us that everything is leading up to being romantically involved with someone who you have many interactions who just happens to be a different sex. Anne subverts expectations because they actually are friends, and that’s what I love about it.

Plus if you have them be friends, then you can have the friends-to-lovers troupe. And I love me a good troupe.

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