Thoughts of Places: London 16-02-2017


I woke up at 2 today…

Today I bought a hop on hop off bus ticket. It took a bit of work because I actually walked the wrong way… oops! I ended up going back to my hotel to check the internet again. I did get there in the end. But it was later than I was wanting.

And then the bus was late and they actually apologised! But once I got on it, it was great1! I made friends with an American woman from Conneticut. But she got off at the Tower of London. I saw Big Ben. It was weird in person. I mean, it was cool, but it wasn’t like “I am seeing this for the very first time” cool. It was just impressive.


I ended up getting off at the Globe Theatre. It was only finished in 1997 which is something I didn’t know. It was still pretty cool though as they tried to use the same technique and everything.


After The Globe, I took the bus to the science museum. It wasn’t as interactive as I was expecting, but they had Tim Peakes actual command module which is pretty cool. You can’t touch it (without getting in trouble lol) but it was pretty awesome. And free so…

After that I walked back to The Mayflower and retired at 9:30 which is a far more respectable hour. IMG_9885

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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