The Epic Adventures of Lydia Bennet| Bernie Su, Kate Rorick, and Rachel Kiley


The Book

Ever wondered what happened to Lydia Bennet after Taryn O’Neil uttered those final words “Lizzie, what are you and Charlotte doing in here?” because someone did. Enough someones in fact that Bernie and Kate came back and wrote a second TLBD novel. No, it’s not Lydias perspective of the vlogs. It’s Lydias perspective of after. It’s what happened to Lydia when the cameras were off and she was left alone with her own thoughts. Featuring: Secondary Character Spin-off, douchey Male Characters, New York, Healing.

The Good Bits

– Despite what we saw of Lydia last, the aftermath is not all glitter and unicorns. Lydia isn’t magically a better person, and we get to see that. We see it so hard!

– Lydia finally has a chance to confront Wickham, and to heal. And oh boy is it brilliant!

– The writing style is so Lydia, I’m surprised Lydia didn’t come out of the videos and write the damn thing herself.

– We finally have a concluding arc for Lydia. While TLBD end was fine, this book is Lydias final arc, she finds where she belongs, and that’s beautiful.

The Not-So-Good Bits

– I found that Mrs Bennet didn’t really add anything to the story. Her story was in there, but I didn’t feel like it had any purpose.

Thoughts From the Back Cover | Equality by Proxy

So I want to talk about Mary. And Dumbledore. So we all know that Dumbledore is gay right? and assuming you’ve read this book, you know that Marcy is bi too. The thing is, for people who don’t engage with extra content – JK’s announcements and this book – these characters may not be. I would love to pretend we exist in a world where people are nothing until proven something-sexual, but we don’t. Unfortunately the majority of people operate on a straight until proven otherwise. And if these people don’t engage with this extra content, then Mary and Dumbledore are straight.

So when an “announcement” like this is made through that extra content, it feels like a cheat to me. It feels like a) they felt that they needed more equality in their story, and made them this after the fact, or b)they specifically wanted to wait until they got popular before ha! surprise your fave is gay!!

This obviously gets touchy if the character doesn’t know they’re bi or gay or whatever, but it feels to me that Bernie and Kate decided that Mary was bi because they realised that they weren’t exactly being inclusive if they didn’t have a non-straight person in the “cast.”

A note to writers, make them gay in the content, not outside of it.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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