Thoughts on Places: London 15-02-2017


After about 25 hours travelling it is nice to be able to get into your hotel room, let me tell you. I got to The Mayflower at about 2, which was ahead of my schedule. I forgot that it’s only Australia who has crazy immigration laws. It was weird not having anyone to greet me. It was kind of a sad feeling, doing it all on my own, considering I wouldn’t be back for a while, but I am glad I did it.

I should note about The Mayflower rooms that the single is small. But I was figuring I would have to sleep around my luggage on the bed, and it definitely wasn’t that bad. I would say that the photos on tripadvisor actually make it look smaller. I was on the fourth floor so I had amazing views.

After a wonderful shower I left the hotel and walked down to the shops. I knew where I was going because in the few days leading up to my trip I walked it with google street view. I didn’t buy anything, even though I wanted to buy a coat. With something expensive like that you want to like it next year.

Of course, the week I arrived had to be half term. I found this out later, but it explained the amount of people on the streets. I would have figured 3PM to still be rather quiet. I guess not though.

I ended up having an early dinner at 4:30 at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. It was expensive (to me, it was 11 pounds I try to double everything to get a perspective on the Australian dollar but it’s imperfect. I guess I should get used to more expensive meals, everyone warned me that dinners are more expensive. But we’ll see I guess.

I ended up crashing at 6:30 or something. Jetlag can be a batch.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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