Smaragdgrun (Emerald Green)|Kerstin Gier


The Book

As the final book in the Precious Stones trilogy, Emerald Green completes the story of Gwyneth and Gideon for the readers. As Gwyneth discovers more about herself and the secret society that has enlisted her, Gwyneth must truely decide what is more important: Love or Family. Featuring: Romeo and Juliet imagery; girl on girl sexism; condensed ending; liberté, egalité, Fraternité, immortalité.

The Good Bits

– Finally, Charlotte has a character. In fact, Charlotte is shown to be actually vulnerable. Which is something – up until this point – we haven’t seen. She get (spoilers) drunk and ends up (spoilers) blabbing about her involvement in the (spoilers) secret Time travel society she was apart of. Finally we can see how hurt and jealous she is. It’s not great, but it’s a start.

– Okay, as much as I moan on and on about the romance in this novel, Gwyneth and Gideon’s power couple have some serious moves. All through the last act of this trilogy those two are parrying moves like they’re Aragon.

The Not-So-Good-Bits

– Immortality was a cop out. Honk if you agree.

– I know this is sort of a catch all, but the ending was waaay to fast. everything was condensed into, like, 5 pages. This left me feeling dissatisfied with the book as a whole. That was how I wrote my first draft of my first book. Everything condensed into 5 pages because I didn’t know how to prolong it. I mean, tell me if it’s different in German, but in English, that’s how it felt to me.

Thoughts from the Back Cover| The Trilogy Format

There is a format all through trilogies. You would see it in Ironman, The Hunger Games, Even the Captain America trilogy to an extent. Here’s how it goes.


The hero is made they go up against the big bad… they win, they lose, it depends. Then, something happens that turns the rest of the trilogy on it’s head: “I am Ironman” the continued Katniss Peta thing, and “You’ve been asleep cap for almost 70 years” bits.


Things are similar to the first film. Tony still fights an Ironman, There’s another Hunger Games, and Cap still goes up against Hydra. (CA:TWS ftw) Often in trilogies these are the worst of the three. Not always, but if they’re trying to progress too hard into book 3, they usually are the worst.


Everything changes. Tony’s house is destroyed, He gets rid of all the Ironman suits. No more Hunger Games, Katniss goes up against  White or whatever. and (spoilers) The Avengers break up. That is the trilogy structure.

What makes the Precious Stone trilogy different is that it doesn’t have that same structure. Without that structure, people are left wondering why this wasn’t all in one book. Because it lacked the structure that was necessary.

What do you think of the Trilogy structure?

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