Sapphireblau (Sapphire Blue) | Kerstin Gier


img_9627The Book

The second in the series, Sapphire Blue delves further into the mysteries surrounding Gwyneth and her time travel gene. As she and Gideon become closer Gwyneth is faced with a question that will force her to think about who she trusts. Featuring: Teen Angst, Villian Fake-outs, Short Time Spans, and Possible Good Guy Love Interest.

The Good Bits

– It was nice to see Gwyneth actually go to school and deal with her life outside of time travel a little. So often in literature and film writers tend to gloss over sneaking out of school and such because it doesn’t fit their ends. Gier actually adds this into the story, which is refreshing.

– Gwyneth shows more confidence and curiosity in this instalment. She’s taking charge of her life and it’s brilliant and empowering to see.

The Not-So- Good Bits

– The romance aspect ended up being rather annoying. All she cared about was Gideon. I would have loved to see her find some aspect of Time Travel that appealed to her and learn about it. It would have made sense as everyone is interested in something.

– Another thing that wasn’t so good was it’s similarity to Ruby Red. Books need to be connected, but you should also be able to separate them in your head. I honestly can’t really do that with this series.

– Gideon was just annoying in this one.

Thoughts from the Back Cover | Girl on Girl Hate

I know lots of people have said brilliant things about women knocking ourselves down, but I figured I’d throw my hat in the ring.

In the novel we’re shown Charlotte being the “bitch” and we’re never really told why. She’s constantly rude, and trying to undermine Gwyneth. At first reading, one might assume it’s because she’s not who she thought herself to be, but she’s just rude the whole time for no reason. That’s her entire character.

If we facilitate girl on girl hate we’re facilitating centuries of misogyny. When we treat each other with disrespect, we’re teaching guys that they can treat us with disrespect. And no one should ever be disrespected. So if you’re going to say something to that bitch who is dating your boyfriend now, think about why she’s a bitch. Think about whether she deserves it. If the roles we reversed, would you be the bitch?

Get Reading. Get Travelling.

Your singleton,




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