Lived In: The After-Effects and Assumptions. 06-02-2017

Many people live overseas for a multitude of reasons. I think I’ve mentioned why I did, but basically, my mum got a job working in Japan. I don’t want to dwell on it, but the time I spent over there wasn’t entirely happy.

When I mention to people that I lived over there, they say “oh you must have loved it” or some variation thereof. And then I have to explain that actually “No I did not enjoy it. There wasn’t a solid reason, but you try being a newly minted teenager in a country where you have to translate everything before you understand what it means. Oh and all your bestest friends aren’t there.”

I just want to tell you that it’s okay to not enjoy your time overseas. And for no reason too. Just because you’re in another culture, doesn’t mean you’re going to automatically enjoy the whole experience. You don’t have to have bad prawns to have a bad time. Remember, you’re living there, it’s whole different kettle of fish.

The other thing I wanna mention is that a) I’m moving to the UK in a week! and 2) people keep telling me that “I’ll love it” almost to the letter. People I don’t hardly know. And here’s the thing. I know I’ll love it because I’m a huge nerd in multiple ways, but that’s not the point! How do people – who I’ve known for 5 minutes – know whether I’ll like the UK? Please tell me? Visions of the future would be rather helpful right now.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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