Travelling Around:The World


This is a bit of a cheat, I know. But I need to get out more. So lets do this:

5 things They don’t tell you about international travel.

  1. It smells different. I have been to two different countries (as well as my own) and each of them smells different. While some people (AKA my parents) don’t get it, my sister and I both attest to the fact that Japan smells different from Australia. It makes sense really, different culture, different food different… whatever.
  2. Other languages are exhausting. When you are solo travelling and everyone you meet is not from your area of the world, it can get exhausting. I stayed with 3 Americans and it was exhausting. I was thinking in Australian and then having to switch over to American in order to understand what was being said. I didn’t have to speak American. But sometimes accents get you more than you know.
  3. The flights are the worst.
  4. If you don’t have the friend, or the confidence, those leaning tower of Pisa pics are gonna be pretty boring. They say travelling with someone is better. And after travelling alone to Japan, I understand the struggle of having nobody to snap those perfect yet candid pics of me at my old house or in a cool glade. And no I will not selfie stick on my very expensive camera.
  5. People will make assumptions based on your race. I’m not saying the obvious one about African American people (or real Africans for that matter) I’m meaning the one how all Australians can surf and live on the beach and are really attractive. I can tell you for a fact that I am one of those things. (That thing is AUstralian)

So Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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