Travelling Around: Seattle, Washington

So I went to Seattle about 6 years ago. It was part of a larger LA/Seattle trip to visit old family friends and see their wedding. I conned my way into going my telling my parents that I’d pay for the flight. They were kind enough to let me.

So there are a lot of things to do in Seattle, and Trip advisor will probably tell you about the really popular ones like Pike Place Markets where they throw the fish or whatever. But we’re going to start here: Mount Rainier. 

Curtesy of my Dad

(image curtesy of Les Butler – Father, photographer extraordinaire!)

It looms over most of the city, its snowcapped peaks glistening in the sunlight. Please note: We went in Summer. This is Summer snow.

You can stop at the Ranger Station on the way up, or down, and the whole place offers brilliant views. (That dad didn’t take a picture of 6 years ago.) It really is brilliant.

The second place I encourage you to visit is this little island called Blake Island (State Marine Park). From what I understand it’s a Native American Reserve. There are a few beautiful trails, and if you have the time to stay for dinner, do so. You get this show and the food is absolutely beautiful.

Picture Curtesy of me, person in the picture is Dad – Dork

(Image curtesy of my father – pictured here – he’s a dork)

The last place I recommend is not actually in Seattle, but outside of it. It’s called Port of Poulsbo. It’s filled with beautiful character buildings. And it’s about as quaint as you can get.

Curtesy of Dad

And yes, I got pics for here as well. Because New Year, New Blog right?

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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