New Year, New Blog, New Me, New Country

In this past year, a lot has happened; I started a blog – that no one reads – I got a job in the industry I studied in, I went on my first solo trip – Japan, I moved house, and I got a job overseas. It might not be reams and reams of stuff, but for me, that’s a lot.

I think that all of these experiences have really allowed me to grow up, and learn to step a little more outside my comfort zone. (my very, very small comfort zone) I am a different person than I was at the start of this year/ blog. And I hope I continue to change for the better.

I have learnt – through trial and error – what works and what doesn’t when it comes to this blog and I’m hoping to improve it further in the coming year with bi weekly posts (just to annoy you a little further) and – hopefully – better content. I have never been a good draft re-reader/editor of myself. But this year I’m going to at least catch a few spelling and grammar mistakes because it’s been a bit shocking this year.

As I am going to be living in another country come February/March, I am starting a series on the 10th of this month where I write about what it’s like to live in another country. I am starting it early as I have lived in Japan, so I will have enough content to start now. It’s probably going to turn into what you’d think a blog is. Like a daily blog without the daily, but we’ll see. So look out for Lived In on the 10th.

If you wanna come just for the travel, or just for the books, then I’ve got your days:

Tuesday: Travel

Friday: Books

If you have any good book recommendations or Travel destinations in the UK let me know because I’m always after new books.

Thanks for sticking with me so far, I hope this coming year we can foster a beautiful relationship.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.


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