Thoughts of Travels | Sendai |Days 6-13


Day 6:

So I took the Bus to Sendai today. I had the time to do so – 5 hours – and it was a whole lot cheaper. I just sat around and read most of the time, so it wasn’t a waste of time at all.

Once I got to Sendai station I figured I’d be right, I was pretty familiar with it all, but honestly I hardly had any idea what I was doing. I was meeting a friend of mine at the “Starbucks next to the post office” I had no idea where that was, but I eventually found it and sat down. I had a giant bag and it was rush hour, which didn’t help.

My friend arrived and I took my first Sendai Bus. Sendai Busses are different to Tokyo Busses. The bus was about 45 minutes, but for whatever reason, it didn’t quite feel like it. I mean, you know something’s long when you’ve got a giant bag and are on a bus, but it didn’t feel like 45 minutes, maybe Tokyo Public Transport was rubbing off on me.

These friends were American so while it’s not the same as Australian, it was nice not to have to translate everything in my head.

Day 7:

I went to Matsushima today. It’s probably about an hour out of Sendai at the beach. Matsushima was pretty familiar, despite the Tsunami rocking it 5 years ago it was pretty much the same as how I remembered it. Lots of small handicraft stores and soft serve ice-cream flavours. I ate lunch first and then I planned where I was going. I had a sight-seeing map which helped. I went to Godaido temple. I wanted to go to zuiganji Temple as well but unfortunately there was construction going on. I also walked across Fukuurabashi (Bridge) to Fukuurajima (island) the Bridge is long and the walks are beautiful. I went to the Date Masamune Museum which I had never been to before and basically every other tourist spot on the map. But the end I was pretty worn out. It’s always nice when you can be worn out at the end of a day of travelling. It means you did something.


Day 8:

Today was a bit of a rest day. I went to a church festival with my American friends and that took up most of the day actually. On the way home though they drove through my old neighbourhood, it was so good to see it again. Nothing really had changed and I was planning on seeing Takamori later but it was still nice to see.


Day 9:

So I traversed Sendai today. First I made my way to the Maruzen in AER to pick up a book as I was worried that I’d be finished the books I took with me before the flight back. I picked up two which you will be seeing later.

Then I had to find the Daiso. From the map it looked like it was on a corner, but it wasn’t quite. So I went there and then right next door to the Mos Burger, which I had been craving. I don’t recall the burgers being so small and uninteresting. I got a teriyaki burger and it was just the patty, a bit of lettuce and mayo. I guess like a McChicken, but smaller. But it was so good. And of course I ordered Melon Soda because I love it. I went to Loft and bought a few things, and then I went back to my friends’ house.

After that I went to Tapio to be picked up by my Australian friends!

Day 10:

Yamadera today. As in Mountain Temple. As in 1000 steps. I am ashamed to say that I took many breaks because I am not as fit as I used to be. I wanted to go to this place called Omoshiroyamakōken, but I somehow managed to pick the train that didn’t stop there. And I was way too tired to figure out how to get back there, so instead I had to waste 6 hours back in Sendai city. The friends I was staying with didn’t get home until 6:30, so I really had to have a long day. I think I found a starbucks and sat down for a bit and then hopped on the Sendai Loople Bus. It goes around to a bunch of attractions and you pay one fee and can stop on and off all around it. I was really tired though, so I just sat in the bus and read. I did look out the window though and I saw more of the city than I otherwise would have.


Day 11: Izumi

So today I walked into Izumi. I could have gotten driven, but I had so much time to spare, I figured why not. It was a good way to start too, although the shops don’t really open until 10, and I was there at about 8:30. I though I’d need a map or something, but once you get on the right road it goes straight in so it was easy. I did a lot of shopping, because that was really what I could do there. I had Mos Burger again for lunch, and I still don’t regret it. After all that I caught a bus to the library where I found a book and a spot to charge my phone. I was still really early, so I went to Tapio because it was close and another shopping centre. I went to 3 coins and they had so much space stuff I was in heaven. Since I had the money to shop around it was really nice to do so to kill time. I still got back rather early though.

Day 12: Takamori

Takamori isn’t a 10 hour walk around place. I had a lot of time to waste today. (it doesn’t sound good on a travel blog does it!) I went to a café called Flat White when it opened because my sister recommended it. Other than that I walked around mostly. I had lunch at this little Ramen shop near my old house that we used to go to. The Ramen was just as good as I remember. At about 3:30 I walked to Meysen which is an impressive English school. I walked around and tried not to look creepy. I would have talked to the horses but they were already in for the night and I didn’t want to be questioned. Then I met a friend who is a teacher and happened to be doing a bit on Australia. I spoke about my country for a bit and then, when it was time, I went back home.


Day 13: Last day

I went to starbucks a lot during my trip, that’s for sure. After going to starbucks once more I had to get a ticket to Tokyo (ideally Ueno). It was a little tricky, but I managed it in the end. Thanks to the English translation for helping me out there. The trip from Sendai was a measely hour and a half (compared to the 5 hours on the way up) The Shinkansen is fast man! I got to Ueno and it turned out I was in the wrong station, so I had to get to the right station which was pretty simple. And then I got the Skyliner to Narita. I was going to get a later train and amuse myself at Ueno for a few hours, but I didn’t get a chance to explain this to the ticket seller dude and I got the next train. Which meant I got to Narita at like 2:45. For an 8:30 flight. Oops. I managed in the end. I checked in at 7 and then we boarded at about 8. I made a friend after customs and she was visiting her boyfriend who lives at the Gold coast (hey Aoi) It was a long day, and I was glad to be going home.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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