Thoughts of Travels |Tokyo Days 1-5

16/10/2016 || Day 1 || Tokyo

I arrived at Narita after my 9 hour flight about 20 minutes early. (not just me, everyone in the plane did) Customs was a breeze, literally 15 minutes max because it was terminal 3 and we were the only flight I guess.

After some confusion with where I was meeting my friend, I found her and we began the long journey to her apartment in Setagayu-ku. After a bus, two trains, and another bus it was probably 10:30pm by the time we got to her house and after carting my big bag around I was pretty tired. Because this woman is lovely, she had prepared dinner – at like 11, but still – and so after chowing down on that I basically went to bed.

17/10/2016 || Day 2 || Tokyo


So we started a bit late around 12 o’clock, where we headed straight out to a place called “Odaiba” which is a bit of reclaimed land I believe – reclaimed from the ocean – there’s lots of aquatic things and what not. We got out there by two and we decided to have lunch. In the shopping centre there they had a “6 best ramen shops” floor area thing and the three of us had lunch at this place called Next Level where they served “tsukemen” which is basically DIY ramen where you dip you udon noodles in the concentrated sauce. It also included pork and an egg. Very tasty.

Tokyo in the clouds. – taken from the monorail –

After Ramen we were going to go to the Edo Tokyo Museum  but unfortunately, being a Monday, it was closed, so instead we went to the next best place: Asakusa! All down the promenade that you see below there’s shops to buy souveniers and ice cream and all sorts of things, we looked, but we didn’t buy any thing. We headed straight for the Temple at the end where I got a fortune – it was bad – and said looked around. You can actually see the top of the temple in the picture below. On the way back, by host also picked up some “Melon Pan” (Pun) Which is bread that has melon flavouring and like sugar baked on the top. It’s insanely good. We were back home around 6. We actually had about 3 hours total in travelling or so which to a Queenslander is just hilarious. I could get to Brisbane and back and it was still in the same city!


18/10/2016 || Day 3|| Tokyo


So we had a bit of a lazy day because Disneyland was tomorrow and Disneyland can take a lot out of you. However, I did walk to this park nearby and there was this writers cottage that had been preserved like a museum and I was the only one in there – it was beautiful. There were lots of walks around this cottage and it was quite peaceful despite the proper park right nearby. There was also what could have been a cemetary or a shrine or something in the park as well and it just created this calm atmosphere.

Another view from the balcony

19/10/2016 || Day 4 || Disney!


I had to wake up for Disneyland at 5. because we had to leave the house before six. Because we had to get to Disneyland around 7:30. Disneyland doesn’t open until 8, but we were pretty far up the line, which meant we got in pretty quick. We basically raced for Big  Thunder Mountain as soon as we got in and then raced for Splash Mountain, and then raced for Space Mountain. We got the big three done by 9. Every other time I’ve been that wouldn’t not have happened.


After the big three I believe we did The Haunted Mansion where there was a 20 minute wait, it was okay though because there was lots of “creative queueing” as my family has dubbed it. Although in this case it was actually creative.

We ate a lot – because why not – including a teriyaki chicken leg. Unfortunately they were all out of Turkey Legs. As you can see below we also did they train and I think we did most other attractions, although we didn’t really head into Toon town. We were planning to go after dark, but we left around 7 because I had a major sore throat and was really worn out from all the speaking Japanese.

Disneyland is an incredibly fun place and I’m so glad I went. But it was the most exhausting thing I did in Japan. Especially since I was speaking another language and was ill. But would do it all over again if I could.


20/10/2016 || Day 5 || Tokyo

now let me leave you there dear readers. I’ll see you the same time, next week

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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