How To Plan For Your Trip Pt 2


The next step to planning your trip, is how to plan so it’s easy to change and easy to see.

I found a couple of calk boards lying around and hung them up next to each other on my wall. One calk board is a day-by-day play-by-play, complete with what we’ll be doing, where we’re staying, any included meals, any optional activities, and if we’ve got any scheduled free time. It helps of course in this case that most of the trip is a tour. I’ve got it all in different colours, so I can easily see all the information I have.

Because it’s on a calk board, I used sticky notes and pins, so to change it I can simply switch out one for the other. I also like this setting because it means that if I want to change the layout, that’s easy too!

On my other board I’ve got a few different things. I’ve got a map of the British Isles that I have enthusiastically pinned string around. It allows me to know where I’m going to terms of general location and also memorise the places.

I’ve got a map of Paris to which I have pinned the locations we’re going to so I can get a view of the bigger picture. I’ve also got the same for Dublin, Edinburgh, and and London, which are the places we’ve got free days on. To the side, I’ve got a list of the free days, and also a list of the places where dinner is provided.

All in all I think I’ve got a rather organised layout that I’m quite proud of. With the two boards I’m able to take one off the wall and talk about where I’m going without trying to show everyone a booklet. It also allows me to curb my enthusiasm for this trip which is slowly creeping every closer.

But you don’t have to do this. For my recent Japan trip, I did nothing.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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