Travelling Around Nearby To You


I find often that when we travel, we don’t want to travel around home. Travelling around Australia doesn’t interest me as much as travelling to other countries does. (perhaps it’s the historical aspect idk) But there’s this book I read a few weeks ago that will be appearing on the blog later, called All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, and in it, these teenagers are challenged to find some interesting places in their home state of Indiana. Now, Australian states are a hell of a lot bigger than American ones – typically – so the whole state is a bit of a reach for me. I would like to challenge you to find somewhere interesting in your area.

You could easily set a driving limit of an hour or two, take a few friends and trek out to Uncle Bobs giant pinapple or something. Who knows, you might get free pineapples! See a few places on the same day.

All of this is a easy way to curb your wunderlust and travel bug when you’re unable to travel far, but don’t discredit it. It can be rather interesting to get out and see something new. And there’s always something new.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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