Travelling Around: Tasmania

Ice Covered Road curtesy of my parents 🙂

Below Australia (the continent) there sits an Island. It is the oft forgotten Australian (the country) island Tasmania. Triangle in shape, it fills out the familiar shape of Australia that no other island could. Consisting mostly of English weather, this island is far from boring. Here are a few different places you could head to while visiting Tasmania.


Situated in Promised Land Tasmania, Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot provides an afternoons entertainment for the whole family. It’s got a beautiful tiny village (lower crackpot) and 8 different mazes. I went on a trip there 13 years ago and it is still one of my most abiding memories of Tasmania. Of course the home videos didn’t help. There is a viewing platform at least one of the mazes and I can remember calling to my dad and sister who were trying to complete the maze. The Cage also boasts Australia’s only monument to a plumber.

Cradle Mountain

If you’re into straight up nature, then Cradle Mountain is the place for you. It’s got many beautiful walks and it is absolutely breathtaking. We went there in Winter and our motor home was absolutely covered in snow. We called it The Turtle. During Winter there’s also the opportunity for Cross Country Skiing nearby.


If you head up the North Coast to Penguin, Tasmania at the right time of year (November through March is the best time) you might be able to see the worlds smallest Penguins. The Fairy Penguins. They’re mostly situated on little islands off the coast, but a few colonies are located on Tasmania. Fair Penguins can be found at multiple locations, but Penguin definitely has the most relevant name. They’re tiny and they will run from you, but they’re one of the cutest animals I’ve seen.

Port Arthur

There is also an old Convict settlement right down the bottom of the island. If History gives you that feeling in the pit of your stomach, then this is definitely a place for you. It’s immaculately preserved and easy to walk around. Australian History is rich and much of it is unknown, but thanks to Port Arthur, at least we know some of it.

These are my favourite places in Tasmania. But, like anywhere, there are always more places to visit and see.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.




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