Scarlet | Marissa Meyer

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The Book

Scarlett is the second book in The Lunar Chronicles series. It follows Scarlett as she searches for her grandmother and is pulled into a far bigger story. This would be the over all story started in Cinder. Scarlett meets Wolf who she enrols to assist her but ultimately it all turns into a crazy mess and nothing turns out how they want it.

The Good Bits

– Scarlett (the Person)

I probably go on about this way too often, but Scarlett is a wonderfully strong female character. She’s emotionally and physically strong while being motivated by something as sincere as her grandmother. She never gives up, despite what other recommend and she allows herself emotions which, let’s be honest, can sometimes be forgotten in the quest for “strong female Characters”.

– Thorne

Just hilarious

– Iko

I might be just naming characters here, but the idea of Iko being a consciousness I suppose and not being tied to a single body is interesting. And it looks a little into anthropomorphic characters. They don’t have arms, they have handles or this or that. And it’s okay that they don’t have arms. So Iko doesn’t have arms in this new body. She doesn’t need arms. Her stabiliser fins or whatever aren’t her arms. They’re her stabiliser fins.

– Location

I love the idea of seeing all these people come together not just from one place, but from around the world. Cinder in China, and now Scarlett in France. Maybe we can have someone from Australia. (wishful thinking I know)

The Not-So-Good Bits

– World building

With stories set in the not-now it’s important to world build to show the readers the world that the characters interact with. It’s particularly important when you show two different locations that we know to be different now. I understand that in a dystopian future things might get a little muddled, but muddled enough that France and China are that similar?

Thoughts from the Back Cover | Should Kai marry Levana?

Because it’s not just about him. Sure he knows that the moment he says I do she’s going to kill him. but all he is doing is putting off the inevitable. Levana wants to rule humanity, she’s not going to stop because she get’s hitched.

So say he doesn’t marry her. The LSOPs keep attacking until what? they kill everyone on Earth? Congratulations Levana, you don’t have anyone else to rule. And if they stop and enslave everyone the only difference is that Kai is not dead and is there to maybe protect the people a little, before defeating her in a glorious battle where her subjects become disillusioned with her and everyone overthrows her.

If he does marry her then he is killed and Levana is allowed to roam around unchecked until in many years the people are able to rise up and defeat her. Maybe. If they’re lucky.

There are of course many courses of action, none of them result in 0 deaths. none of them are perfect. But in war there is no perfect.

(also disclaimer, I haven’t yet read the succeeding books, so this is all conjecture)

There are no winners in war.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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