How are you staying Healthy pt 2


So staying Healthy while you’re travelling is important. Which is why I give you part two. How are you staying healthy on the move. I’m talking layovers, I’m talking aeroplanes, I’m talking trains, busses, tours, and cars.

1 Try to sleep. (unless you’re driving, then maybe don’t) And, if you’re crossing timezones, try to sleep at the night time of the place you’re visiting. It will make jet lag easier. Not only will sleeping making the time go quicker, but you’ll arrive at your destination ready to go!

2 If you’re flying, take walks to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis. – also a good tip, get compression stockings – Also just take walks when you can, it will get your muscles moving and will leave you energised for the rest of the flight.

3 Invest in a packet of wet wipes. You can wash your hands before you eat and if you wipe down the important areas before you land you won’t be feeling smelly, but might actually feel refreshed and ready to go, instead of doughy and tired.

4 I know it tastes nice, but if you’re flying particularly, avoid salt. Salt dehydrates which is not what you want as it can make you sick. Instead, make sure you drink as much water as possible. You might be rushing off to the lavatories but it’s better than feeling ill.

5 Work on your sitting posture before you go. I know your first instinct is to settle down into your seat. but your back won’t like it after a few hours and after a few more it starts to be bad for you. So if you work on having a good posture before you go, having an alright posture on your travelling won’t be as bad.

6 If you’re able to, take some healthy snacks with you maybe some fruit or trail mix. Remember as always with travelling, it’s not always about keeping up with the level of health you have at home, it about trying to find a balance between the two.

7 This might not exactly be related to health, but be friendly with the people around you, especially on extended travels. They’re going to be looking at you with distain if you shove their arm off the arm rest or shove past them to get to your seat.

8 If you’re driving yourself, remember to take breaks at least every two hours to change drivers or just take a break. Get up, walk around a bit, go to the toilet, eat something, It  might lengthen your trip, but at least it won’t make a sudden and irreversible stop.

9 During any stop, be it car stops, tour stops or layovers, walk around. You’ll be sitting down a lot the rest of the time, if you can walk around to stretch your legs, do it.

10 Finally, any time there is an option, try to use the facilities. You might regret it twenty minutes down the road!

Not everything you do in your travels should be about staying healthy, but a little healthy? not that’s okay

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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