How Are You Staying Healthy? pt 1


I may not be the healthiest person in the world. I can be honest about that. I could probably even stand to lose a few, but I’m going to be talking about staying healthy at home. Oh no! I’m going to be tackling it in other countries, in the air and in the kitchen (other people’s kitchens) Although these could be used anywhere you are.

The first step is to recognise that it’s probably not going to be easy. If you’re going to a place where you don’t speak the language it’s going to be even harder. Recognise it, and resign yourself to it. Okay, now take a deep breath, and dive in.

1 get yourself a reusable water bottle and use it. Fill it up in every cafe you go to and every time you return to the hotel. and if you’re not filling it up there, you might have to rethink your strategy. Water is good for you. – That said, if the place you’re going recommends bottled or boiled water, definitely go with that. With everything, go with what you’re recommended about your specific place.

2 Walk as much as possible. If you exercise at home, you’re going to want to keep it up some how, walking is therefore your best friend. Plus, you get to see a lot of things you wouldn’t see underground in a subway. It might be slower but it sure can be beautiful. Make sure to keep walking in mind when you plan what you’re doing. You don’t want to be late, or have no time to do anything. – Don’t walk if you feel you’ll be unsafe in doing so.

3 Bring Hand sanitiser. Or bring two, depending on how long you’re going for. Wash your hands before and after every meal, transit and toilet stop. It might get annoying, and it might dry your hands out, but hey! you won’t get sick as easily. Being sick on your holidays is the worst.

4 It’s important for your immune system that you sleep. I know you’re excited and jet lagged, but do try! Try from the get-go to sleep at normal human sleep hours for the time zone, and try not to sleep in the middle of the day. Coffee is your friend.

5 It’s good to have time to rest, schedule some time in a park, or something similar so it’s not all go go go! Besides, parks can be beautiful. While it’s good to see everything, it’s also good to enjoy it.

6 Depending on how high flyer you are, not all your food is going to be the healthiest and what we put into our bodies probably affects it more than anything else. If you’re worried about the amount of healthy food you’re going to be eating, don’t forget to pick up some multi-vitamines it might really help you stay healthy.

7 Try to eat food from reputable vendors. If you’re unsure about the food, you can try somewhere else.

8 It might be useful to compile a small first aid kit: Bandaids, pain killers, sterile wipes etc. It might mean not stopping your plan early due to a headache or painful cut.

9 It’s important to get some fiber into your diet to prevent diarrhoea. Pears are good, also Yogurt.

10 If your place of staying has a kitchen or a kitchenette that you can use (and I certainly recommend you get one that does) use it. It will mean less fast food and you have an opportunity to be healthier.

11 I have an app on my phone called plant nanny that monitors my water intake. It’s a really good way for me to know how much water I’m drinking. And it’s personal to you- taking your weight to measure it all out.

12 Work on your posture before you go, that way you won’t have a back that’s killing you every time you bend over. When you remember, just sit up. Plus, there are many websites you can look at that will help you.

13 when going to countries in which you doing speak the language, have a few written translated sentences you can show food servers if you’re allergic. Or you can write down a few phrases or words in the native language so you can spot them on menus and ingredient lists.

Staying Healthy can be hard, let alone staying healthy while travelling. It doesn’t have to be extreme, just do what you can.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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