How Are you Going to Save?

Curtesy of pinterest.

ie: ways you can stop yourself from spending all your money so you can actually go on your trip.

Tip 1: Goals

If you have an estimate to save each week. I worked backwards: I need $10000, so I need to save at least $200 a week. Now I’m a casual worker, so with rent, that’s not always quite the case, however, I’ll tell you, sometimes I get double that, and I put that it as well. As long as I have about the right amount every month, I feel that there’s no need to worry about it. Maybe after a few more months I will be more worried about this technique, but right now, I’m not. It means that any extra is mine to spend. Mostly I buy books.

Tip 2: rewards

Every time I reach $1000, I allow myself to buy a book, sometimes it ends up being more than one, but it’s an at least one thing, depending on how much I earned that week and th next week. I find myself able to put away a little bit more if it means I get to buy a book! Now for you it might not be a book, maybe for you it’s music or an art book or something. As long as it’s not too expensive so as to cut too deeply into your savings, it’ll work.

Tip 3: Imagining.

So I eat too much junk food (something we’ll get into later) so to stop myself from having it all the time, I tell myself that this $10 I’m spending on not-lunch means a $10 I won’t be able to spend on something on the trip. Maybe it means I won’t be able to send as many post cards or something, and I know in my mind of course, that it’s $10 and my next deposit will cover over it, but it’s a way to stop me from doing it and it works a treat.

Tip 4: Spending.

I have also cut my spending down. You might think this is obvious, but in saving for this trip I’m certainly not spending so much on useless things that I obviously didn’t need. I’m also planning on living in the UK after the trip, so I can see a lot of things that I would have bought before, but is impractical now, after all it’ll just be in storage after a few months anyway.

Tip 5: Limiting.

Often, I’ll also limit the amount I can spend. So instead of going to the shops and coming out with 4 books, a DVD and a dress I come out with 2 books. It’s not always about going cold turkey on the things that you love, after all, like my sister has said, you need to enjoy now, as well as the trip. If you’re too busy focusing on the trip, you’ll forget to focus on now, which is just as, if not more important.

And finally, don’t curb your enthusiasm. Don’t stop revising your trip plan and budget. Make it cheaper and easier for you without halting your enthusiasm. The time I used to spend on watching new movies I probably spend now researching the trip. And that’s okay.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.


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