Pride & Prejudice | Jane Austen

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The Book

Elizabeth Bennet is second eldest daughter in a family with five daughters and no sons in the regency era. All her mother seems to do is plot about how to get them all married and all her father seems to do is sit in his library. What does he do? No one knows! Elizabeth meets Darcy and things could not go worse. To Elizabeth, Darcy is stuffy and rude, refusing to dance with anyone the whole night. But then the youngest, Lydia gets into some trouble. Elizabeth meets Darcy and things could not go better.

The Good Bits

– Elizabeth

She’s young, witty and reads, what more could you want in a protagonist? She throws words around so well you might think she gets paid for it, countering any and all of Darcy’s comments with ease. Despite the times, Elizabeth continues to stick to her guns and not marry the first – or even second – guy who proposes to her, no matter how much he might admire and love her. We see her progress and put aside her first impressions of people in favour of who they show her to be.

– Darcy

It has to be said, Darcy is a pretty nice love interest. Although I can say this, any one who actually likes him in the first half on the novel should maybe reevaluate, he is after all, incredibly rude and judgemental. One might even say Prejudiced.

– The plot

For such a romance heavy novel, it’s refreshing that the climax doesn’t actually revolve around Darcy and Elizabeth. Instead it centres on a family whose youngest has just run off with a man with no intention of getting married (shock horror!)

-Mrs Bennet

She may be a caricature and completely annoying, but goodness isn’t she a marvel!

The Not-So-Good-Bits

– Darcy

As great as he is, the more you start to think about it, the more you realise that Darcy has no character development. He loves Elizabeth, so he’s nice to her. His we don’t actually see his opinion change of anyone other than Elizabeth. Sure he saves Lydia, but come on, that was for his own sister Georgiana and also Elizabeth. He didn’t do it out of some hero complex or anything.

-Mary and Kitty

In terms of filler characters, these two are almost as bad as Bingly’s second sister. Yeah. Caroline has a sister. The only two reason these two were in the book at all is because 3 sisters didn’t seem enough to put a strain on the household. Productions have done great things with their characters (I’m looking at you Briana Cuoco and Rosie of House Wiles) but I wish they had more purpose.

-The Text

If you’re not really into it – and this is something you can’t help at all – the actual text can get a bit stuffy and hard to read. I found it very difficult to read it the first time I had to read it for school. The The Lizzie Bennet Diaries came out and now it’s a lot easier to read. I guess I understand the plot and the characters a whole lot better now. It’s definitely not something that should put you off reading this book. It’s great, I think everyone should read it, but I’m just saying. It can be hard.


Thoughts From the Back Cover| “Date a Girl who Reads”

I want to talk about a scene in the novel, you can read the heading about so maybe you know. It’s Chapter 8. The Accomplished Woman one. The one that pits women against each other.

It has relevance now because we still do it. “I’m not like other girls.” “I’m not a barbie” “slut” Basically Taylor Swifts “You belong with me.” All of these statements pit women against each other and stop us from uniting against a common threat.

Who cares if you read and don’t wear make up if that’s what you like to do. Who cares if she does? It doesn’t tell the world that you’re more comfortable in your skin than she is, she could just love the way that make up makes her feel. You can’t know, so you can’t judge.

Barbie may have some problems. But I’ll tell you what. Barbie’s slogan is be what you want to be. She’s been to the moon, she’s been a Doctor, in the military, she’s even been the bloody president. So yeah, maybe she’s a barbie, but I’ll tell you what, Barbie went to the moon.

Mark 3:25 had it best in my opinion: “If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.” We need to be united and we can’t be if we’re attacking ourselves first.


I would recommend watching this video (and then everything else she’s put out) because this video came out before I wrote this post and it’s so, very good.


Get Reading. Get Travelling.






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