Travelling Around:Tokyo Disneyland

Curtesy of listenandlearnaustralia

So this is already a place. You don’t have to tell me. But there is so much there and I’ve been 4 times so let me impart some wisdom.

Take a picture with the “Golden Nugget Cafe” sign and send it to me.

Top tips for: Food.

Go outside the main food times to avoid crowds.

Try to have one sit down meal at a restaurant, let the other meals (if any) be what is necessary. This will stop you from being too worn out and also means healthier options.

Get a Turkey Leg. just trust me.

Be mindful of the food that you do consume that it is to your dietary requirements. You don’t want to be needing to go to the toilet with an 80 minute wait time.

Food can be expensive there so budget for plenty of spending.

Top Tips for: Lines.

Sure, waiting in lines can be tough, especially when it’s 80 minutes of wait, the Japanese may be creative queuers, but 80 minutes is a long time.

Go to the toilet before entering the lines and if you do need to go, leave someone in the line to hold your spot.

Get the fast passes but use them strategically, even with the passes the wait time can be long.

There is no time of day or year in which you will not have to wait for popular rides. Accept it.

Top Tips for: crowds.

In Tokyo Disney there will be crowds. Accept them. I went when it was raining and it was a sea of umbrellas.

A lot of people suggest going around the park anti-clockwise. I think mostly we knew where we wanted to go and went that way, it all depends on the person I guess.

Top Tips for: Everything else.

If you’re staying there until close, be sure to bring warm clothes in the cooler months.

We found that hokkairo also worked. (stick on heat packs, idk the English word)

Don’t stay longer than you’re comfortable just because you want to stay until the end. It might sound obvious, but it’s not going to be fun if you’re tired and worn out.

Some people might save a spot for an entire family.

Don’t fret if you leave something on a ride, they’re Japanese, you’re more than likely to find it if you talk to ride controllers.

Be practical around the store. the giant pooh bear may be coveted, but how are you going to get that home with all the other merch you’ve insisted on buying?

Don’t let it all overwhelm you, work in stages.

Yes there is a Kookaburra sound in the jungle ride. Yes you can be mad at it.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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