Travelling Around:Rockhampton, Queensland

Curtesy of Trip Advisor

Ah, Rockhampton, my original home. If you’re visiting family or friends up in the sauna that is Rockhampton then I’m your girl. I’ve got your animals and you’re fun times all ’round.

Rockhampton Botanical Gardens

If I could recommend one place to go in Rocky it would be here. It’s so large and versatile, at really can be whatever you want it to be. And if plants aren’t really your thing, then let me recommend the zoo or walking pathways within the confines of the gardens. I used to live nearby and I went there probably at least once a week. It’s all free, so unless you want lunch you can leave your wallet in your bag, They’ve got lots of animals that are really, super interesting. There’s more than enough room for every man and his dog to have their own party on the lawn, so you won’t feel crowded by other patrons. If you’re like me and love animals, don’t hesitate to give RBG a visit!

Capricorn Caves

I think every time we had extra money for an excursion school would take us here. Primary school that is. There’s this part you can go in and they turn out the lights and you can’t even see your hand in front of your face! Also you know, they hold weddings there and stuff. I mean, if you don’t like bats maybe skip this one, but I don’t think I ever actually touched a bat, so it’s not like you’re in any danger. When you finally get back to the outside world it feels like it’s been years and anything could have happened. But in a good way.

Mount Archer

The other place I went to often was Mount Archer. For the dawn service at Easter, to look at fireworks, and just because. It seems though we only ever went up there at night. It was a good choice. When you’re driving up there, all you can see is black. Nothing too amazing, I know. but we’d stop at the place at the top and we’d be able to look out over Rockhampton and it was beautiful. I do that now with Highfields if I can, and stop and see all of Toowoomba. It’s like looking out at space for me, and I love it. But Rockhampton being a whole lot smaller it makes you feel so much bigger, and taller. If you have a chance to get above the place you’re staying, do it. You won’t regret it, the views are breathtaking.

Travelling someplace small can be really difficult. There’s often less to do unless you’re looking, and unless you like shopping  the CBD can hold a lot less, but that doesn’t make those places not worthwhile, look, and you’ll find a great place to see.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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