Travelling Around: Sendai, Miyagi

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As the largest city North of Tokyo (or what I’ve been telling people for 9 years, don’t crush my dreams) Sendai doesn’t get enough of a rep. It’s near the sea, and has a giant cityscape.

I lived there so you’d think I know enough about this place to write a post about it. The problem is not what to do, but what not to do. There’s just so much. Either way, I have narrowed it down for you, to my top 3 places to go in Sendai.


Don’t get intimidated by the Japanese, it’s friendly. It’s a mountain that is open in the winter to ski on, but is also open the rest of the year. Once my parents and I took some friends up there and it was a lot of fun. I found a four leaf clover. We used the ski lift and saw Sendai from that height without winter. and it was only a half hour drive or so from where we lived in Izumi. It’s a versatile little mountain. It’s got beginner slopes and not-beginner slopes. I would say it had anything “black Diamond” slope like (the hardest type of slope) but it was good. The only problem is that getting up the mountain takes about the same time as going down, perhaps a little longer.

Omoshiroyamakougen  O-mo-shi-ro-ya-ma-ko-o-gen

You know Rivendell? Yeah in Autumn, this place is that. No joke. the day we first went had the orange leaves and the mist and … it’s just the best okay? It’s a walk from a trainstation on the way to Yamagata. It follows a beautiful creek and you’re in a valley most of the time and the stones are worn down and you forget about the rest of the world. Just maybe where good gripped shoes when you go. From what I recall, it could get slippery.


So the subway system in Sendai is easy. It’s so easy it’s a line. You can draw it with a straightish line. On the 6th stop Northward from Sendai sits Asahigaoka station. If you get off there and head outward you will find a park, called Dainohara Forest Park. It’s parkland and is beautiful to walk through. There is enough space for you an your enemy to walk a long distance and still not run into each other. Sometimes at night they have events on. It’s a lovely place to walk on a walking day or a contemplative day. I know I suggest many parks to you. But parks are a beautiful way to exercise and also see some spectacular sights.

Despite it’s size, Sendai feels small. The Japanese people make it feel small, and that makes all the difference.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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