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On Gender Roles (or why men need Feminism) part 1

So, I love this book. It’s a re-telling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses and I love retellings. So when it came time to pick a topic for this week I was a bit stumped. The amount of times I’d read to story meant that I was having a hard time seeing anything worth walking about. And then I remembered the sweet summer prince (metaphor) Galen and is marvellous knitting habits. Nowadays knitting is a task reserved for grandmothers and crafters, but it wasn’t always the case. If you were fighting in a war and your socks had holes in them, you didn’t always have a grandmother or a crafter to knit new ones or fix the old ones. Men used to knit. And it wasn’t seen as some effeminate thing either. “Macho men – not women – dominate the history of the craft.”(x) So men were the knitters until, hey presto, industrial knitting machines started in the 16th century. no one could knit as fast as those machines and it was dropped by the men only for the women to pick it up as a hobby.

In WWI and II, school boys were asked to pick up needles once more to help the war effort. They’d knit all sorts of things to send to the war, there’d be competitions and such.

But now, there’s nothing of that sort. Typically knitting is seen as a female thing to do (worse still, a grandma thing to do) but why? it’s not like you need the female anatomy to knit. And I’ve found knitting good because it means I have something for my hands to do. I think we need to stop having this stigma around ideas and activities typically seen as female because boys can like knitting too. Boys can like sewing hell, men dominate the womens fashion industry. but on the small, “molecular” level of it all it’s effeminate. Someone pointed it out in the kitchen as well. if a woman’s place is “in the kitchen” why then do men dominate the chef jobs?

Don’t let anyone tell you who you need to be. Boys can like sewing and girls can like guns. It’s the 21st century, so if anyone tells you otherwise, tell them to shut the eff up.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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