Travelling Around: Brisbane, Queensland

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Brisbane is the Queensland capital city if you didn’t know. And I’m lucky enough now to live only an hour and a half away. If you think that means I visit a lot you’d be wrong however because I am very lazy. Oops.

That said, I thought I’d give you a few insider tips on where to go in this big city. Brisbane is one of the oldest cities in Australia and sits mightily on it’s namesake, a sprawling city with both city and suburban dwellings.

My favourite place in the entire city however, has to be Archives Fine Books. It has books in every genre and topic and houses rare and antique books as well. While from my experience the books have mostly been second hand, the magic of the place can barely be described, it has to be felt. It’s towering shelves and random staircases leading to even more books add to the mystery and magic of the place. Sitting in Charlotte St in the heart of the city, you will soon find that “Million Books” will take your fancy for years on end.

The second place I recommend is more of a mountain. I walked up it once rather reluctantly and never regretted it afterwards. It’s a little bit of a hike, but once you’re up there you’ll feel amazing. The wind is a little excessive, but the view is spectacular and plus, walking is good for your health. Take a few friends up there and remember why you’re happy.

Third and finally, there is the long and beautiful South Bank. Complete with fake beaches and parkland all in the middle of the city, you will find yourself spending days here. There’s shops at one end and park land at the other that just never seems to end. You can get your souvenir shopping and some nice park watching done at the same time while still not wasting a day. I’ve been there so many times and while there were places we went every time, I think I found a new place to go nearly every time.

Brisbane might be big, but that doesn’t mean you have to treat it that way.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.




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