Treasure Island | R.L. Stevenson

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I’m still here and paternal relationships.

To be honest, I found Treasure Island terribly difficult to read, so I’ll mostly be talking about the absolute genius that is Treasure Planet (2002).

Question One: Is it possible to have positive relationships with people who are bad?

Answer: Yes

Reasoning: Well for a start it’s possible to have terrible relationships with people who are good, so why isn’t the opposite true? Also I would say that that (in this case) John Silver’s relationship with Jim has very little to do with him being a pirate. (spoilers)

That said: John Silvers piracy does put a negative spin on his relationship with Jim. It makes it seem like Silver was grooming Jim to be a pirate and hand over the map. And, Silver’s last scene aside, he could have been, but from what we see through the I’m Still Here Montage and the affect it has on Jim, his relationship with Silver has had a positive affect in his life.

Question Two: Is it possible for positive relationships to turn into negative relationships in retrospect? (with relation to Jim and Silver)

Answer: Yes, but it didn’t.

Reasoning: We see Silver humanised more than ever during the events of the film.That Silver have up a ship full of gold to save Jim definitely implies that Jim has had a positive impact on Silver, and that Silver doesn’t want to lose the relationship he has with Jim. We see this reversed when Jim let’s Silver, a pirate (still illegal in this future, I’m assuming) leave. He trusts Silver and while sure, it probably wasn’t the best thing for Jim to let Silver go, it shows the relationship to the fullest. Particularly when Silver gives Jim some gold to restore the Inn he wouldn’t have even cared about before the relationship.

Question Three: Is it possible for negative relationships to turn into positive relationships in retrospect?

Answer: No

Reasoning. If a relationship is having a negative impact on you no amount of thinking will successfully turn that relationship into a positive one. Take Jim’s father for instance. At no time do we see Mr Hawkins utter two words to Jim (whether for montage sake or not) and he barely interacts with him at all. He then leaves quietly early in the morning in an attempt to get away before his (I’m assuming) wife and child even know. This is not a positive relationship. There is no way to spin that into a positive relationship. That is most assuredly a negative relationship, particularly since it’s implied that the reason Jim is so reckless is because of his issues with the relationship between himself and his father.

The positive relationship between Jim and Silver does not negate the harm he does in the film. It doesn’t justify it either. Sometimes they’re two different things.

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