How much are you going to spend?

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Budget can be a tricky one. You want to be able to have a ballpark figure, but you can’t have that until you know the approximate costs of the important stuff, which is influenced by budget.

Since the way we were planning meant going cheapest, our budget started off being around $8000. It doesn’t seem like much at all looking at it now. That single digit number on the end. It’s quite cute.

Honestly your budget will go up. Don’t expect it to go down unless you budget too high. If you budget too high then, well, anything could happen. What I try to remember about the budget is this:

  1. Try to leave a thousand as a buffer. If you’re hitting the ceiling with that. Then try to have a buffer of some sorts. Anything could go wrong and it’s always good to have something to catch your fall.
  2. Remember it’s a trip. You can have fun, you can splurge a little. You can stay in a 5 star hotel for a night if you want and get that extra leg room if you want it. It’s your trip and this might sound obvious, but sometimes you just need someone to say it.
  3. When saving for a trip remember to leave some money aside for not-trip. This was something my sister told me back when I was getting one shift a week at Generic Fast Food Family Restaurant. Up until that point I was literally thinking of saving every single penny (5c piece) I found for that trip, but she reminded me that I had to live before and after then too. (of course it helped that I still live/d with my parents.) So I pass that advice on to you. If you’re saving everything you’ve got for a trip remember that you need to live now.

Saving for a trip can be hard. You might just want to blow it all in one go on a computer. But what kept me going through that time, and what keeps me going now is thinking about that trip. And planning for that trip. and writing a blog for that trip. I might be earning more now (at my new job that I have) but I could quite easily buy a laptop that I also need or a mirriad of other things. But I’m not going to. For the trip.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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