Where Are you going to stay?


Curtesy of Tumblr.com

Accomodation is a big one. Whether you’re staying with friends, a 5 star hotel or “somewhere along the road” you’re going to have to have some sort of a plan.

You’ll learn to look through all the tripadvisor hotels and hostels and B&B’s within your budget and just outside to get the best deals. You’ll need to learn to balance quality with price, it’s a fine line after all. Ideally of course we’d all love to find the 5 star hotel for $2 a night, but unfortunately that’s just not going to happen at this stage of history.

I’ve gotten into the habit of looking at all the bad reviews, none of the good ones (because they all say the same thing), just the bad ones. That really colours my opinions. Don’t do that. If you look through one bad review, look through one good one. But I would definitely go with the ones where the good reviews far outnumber the bad ones. (obvious, I know)

If you’re like me, and plan much too far ahead in the future, and the price calendar doesn’t go that far, use this years month. For instance: my friend and I are planning for a march trip, and most calendars don’t plan that far in the future. So I look at march this year. It’s a start, and I know that when it gets closer I can give a more definite price.

If you’re looking at hotels, you also need to look at how you’re getting around. How much parking is available at the hotel? how far away is the subway station or bus stop? You don’t want to be lugging your big bags to a hotel 1 km up the road if you can help it.

Everything goes hand in hand with everything else. So accomodation works with travel, which works with entertainment. They all have to work in conjunction with each other. But if I can give you one more piece of advice, it’s this: Don’t fall in love with the place you’re staying until you see the price, the location, it’s ammenities, it’s reviews. You’ll end up regretting it.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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