How are you going to get around?

Well? Transport is just as important as everything else in travel right? If you don’t budget for travel then you’ll be up the creek without a raft. (see what I did there?)

It’s super important to do research for this part. You might save yourself a lot of money if you go one option over the other. Accomodation and everything will play into this as well. This is also where touring is good. You don’t have to worry about transport. It’s all taken care of for you. It says so right on the box!

It’s important to know the public transport system. For instance: In Australia – at least in the not-Sydney part (although I wouldn’t count it out) – public transport is notoriously terrible. The buses can often be 15 minutes late, and while I never found it terribly expensive, you might find yourself having to take more buses than it is worth to actually get anywhere useful.

In Japan on the flip side has it down to an art. They are known – I’m sure you’ve heard this even – for being on time to the minute. I’m sure that if they had the seconds on there they’d be super on time for that too. I can say this because I lived there and experienced their bus system first hand. It is A#1. Superb. Brilliant. The subways systems can even have a graphic telling you when the train is at the station before yours so you can be ready.

So taking public transport in Japan is a no brainer. It’s easy and convenient and just great. In Australia however I would hold off unless you have to. And get on a bus at least an hour before you need to be somewhere. Particularly in smaller cities. In Toowoomba (where I live) it takes a bus 45 minutes what it takes 15 minutes for a car.

So yeah. Transport is important.

Don’t be afraid to try walking a little. It might be 1km to the next landmark, but you might find something enjoyable to see on the way. Instead of going landmark to landmark you’ll be seeing the city. The real one if you do it right. Not the tourist one.

For our time in Paris, my friend and I are – at this point – just going for a carnet of maybe 10 tickets at a time. According to the internet we’ll still be able to get around as much as those day passes and a lot of the places we want to go could be within walking distance, so it’s going to work out a lot cheaper for us. Almost if we had to buy a carnet a day. Which we won’t.

Are you going to rent a car? You’ll have fuel to pay as well as a daily fee. Sure, you’ll have a whole lot of freedom, but you’ll have to find and possibly pay for parking. My parents went around Great Britain in a car in the 80s and recommended it to me. They found that they had the freedom to stop when they wanted. If they saw something quaint on the way to somewhere they could stop and see it. Or stop and stay the night. If touch screens had been a thing then, my dad would have been instagramming the trip, you can be sure.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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