What do you want to see?

Curtesy of Elite Daily on Pinterest.com

The next, just-as-important question you need to ask yourself is “what do you want to see?” There’s no point in going some place special if all you’re going to do is stay in your hotel room the whole time.

This is the part where you can really start thinking about Tours, because a tour will get you to see a lot of what you want to see – if you want to see mainstream things – without often having to bother with tickets and all of that, it’s often  included in the tour price.

This is an area to get specific again. Don’t just say Paris, do some research and actually find some places to go in Paris. Look at websites with top ten lists. Find that perfect instagram picture, I don’t care.

But one thing you definitely shouldn’t do is go somewhere because it’s expected. Don’t climb the Eiffel Tower if you’re scared of heights unless you really want to. Don’t see the Louvre if you hate museums and art. I know it should be obvious, but please remember to do what you want to do.

If you have a travel partner or group, this is a good part to do together. Work out together what you want to do and see. It might be that you don’t want to see the Louvre, but three of our travel buddies do. In that case then it will be fun to go together and experience it. You can talk and laugh and have fun and you won’t be trudging around something you dislike.

I would also recommend leaving some time out to walk around and possibly get lost (but not too lost!) Walk between destinations and actually experience the city or place you’re in. For me, I like history, so I want to walk around Paris and see all the old buildings and who knows, maybe I’ll find something worth instagramming!

As always, do what you want to do, otherwise it’s an incredibly expensive round trip.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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