Bridget Jones Omnibus| Helen Fielding

Ah, Bridget Jones, another Pride and Prejudice adaptation done and dusted. I’ll just put that back on the shelf next to my three copies of the classic and web series book adaptation shall I? (I’m just kidding, I don’t organise my books by genre.)

But what is it about Pride and Prejudice that makes Bridget Jones Omnibus a good and entertaining novel? Nearly nothing of the obvious things. (and you can argue with me down in the comments) The only thing I’d argue is that sure, it’s pretty feminist in it’s undertones. It’s about a woman who can’t stop smoking or drinking. She can’t seem to get up and ready for work on time in almost the entirety of the novel. She’s constantly running to her self-help books, or her friends but in this novel they essentially are a self-help book. She can come up with some witty one liners but that’s about it. And as for Darcy, the only reason Bridget dislikes him in the first place is because her mother is trying to set them up. He snubs her at the party by (in my opinion, not Bridget’s) seeing that she’s just as not interested in getting his number as he is and declines rather politely. On the surface level, these books are nothing alike.

I am not, however, saying that this is an utterly horrible book with nothing god to look forward to in it. On the contrary in fact. I like it because it’s real. I don’t know about you but my weight jumps about like a trampoline jumper, and while I don’t drink or smoke, if I did either I’d probably do it like Bridget does. She’s scared that she’s going to end up alone and is constantly conversing with her friends so she doesn’t. The whole thing is real, it’s messy and awkward and it’s full of screw ups and misunderstandings, and honestly, isn’t that just like life?

In life you don’t get this gorgeous rom com lifestyle where your “poor person” lifestyle still probably costs more than anything I’ve ever owned put together (don’t get excited, I don’t even own a car). She lives in a flat where the newly put up shelves don’t even sit right and she’s okay with that. It’s real life baby; but it’s better this way. Life makes it work. and that’s the best thing I’ve heard all week.

Bridget Jones shows us an Elizabeth Bennet who is getting into “spinster hood” (Elizabeth may have been under 21, but in those days it was cause for concern). Her mother in concerned, and honestly so is Bridget. And the thing is, I don’t think that Elizabeth is unconcerned with her family’s future, I just think she wants to do her own thing. They both get so embarrassed by their family and worried about the same things.

Helen Fielding has, in my opinion, taken the realest parts of Pride and Prejudice and converted it into a modern  day tale that’s realistic, yet keeps all the greatness of the original.

Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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