Where do you want to go?

So the first thing you might want to do when deciding to go on a trip, is asking yourself “where do I want to go?” And I mean where specifically. There’s no use in just saying “France” for instance because France is a very big place.

Now is the time to get specific. So if you want to go to Paris and Bordeaux and Caen. Then say that. If you’re not sure, then find some things you want to do and experience first. You might find that your trip might warp a little, and that’s okay too.

My friend and I first decided that we were going to Great Britain/Ireland. Through talks and chats, we’ve now worked up 10 days in Paris as well. That could change too depending on time off and when we’re going and such.

It’s also important to look at why you want to go somewhere. I want to go to Great Britain and Ireland because I love history. But I can get history anywhere. I also want to go to GB/I because I watch a lot of films that were filmed there and the places they filmed look marvellous. I want to to Paris because  of the history, but also because it’s such a romanticised place, used in all sorts of novels that I want to see it and experience it for myself.

Remember: it doesn’t have to be some huge lofty answer. It would simply be that you want to see the country, or you want to travel everywhere. There is no right answer. But it’s an important one to have. How else are you going to effectively plan your trip?

Why you’re travelling is just as important to your trip as where you’re travelling, so remember this step. You might find yourself regretting it later.

And just remember, the world is a big place, and you’ve got loads of time to see it all. Don’t try to cram everything in one trip, especially if you’ve only got a small space of time. Pick a spot – or a few spots – and focus on that first. You’re not going to have fun if you’re busy rushing around everywhere without time to see everything. Do what you want, not what you feel you have to.

Get Reading. Get Travelling



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