Tour the Bookshelf.

Hello all – again I should say as I have tried this once before – I am Ash. To make this easier on everyone I’m going to have headlines.

Who Am I?

I am an Australian writer / not-a-student-any-more-er. I studied Aged Care at TAFE, so hopefully a job should be coming soon. (yay!)

The purpose of the Blog

I am planning an overseas trip with my friend in a year and I wanted some information to start me off. Unfortunately I never actually found it. Whether that’s because it’s stuck in the second page of a google search or because no one’s written about it is anybody’s guess. So that’s how it started. However, I don’t think I’ve actually got enough to write at least 52 posts about this trip.

This is where the bookshelf comes in. In an attempt to read more – and hold myself accountable for it – I’m going to be talking about books. The books I’m reading, the books on my shelf etc. Hopefully this is also going to help me to look at these books more complexly than I do and make me more of an English Major nerd than I already am.

Things you can ask me about

I’m trying to learn a little astronomy through Crash Course Astronomy so if you want to talk a little about that feel free to. I’ve kind of become obsessed with space.

Books. Like all of them. Ask me if I’ve read something, what I think of something, the adaptations of the thing. Anything. Just don’t mention the Disney Narnia Films. (if we can call them that)

Films. I know this goes beyond travelling and books, but I also really love films and webseries, so there’s that.


Also feel free to contact me with more information about travelling and such. I’m sort of figuring it out as I go along so any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Get Reading. Get Travelling.



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